Tevarina Davite – Switchboard Operator

Brief Description and Key Skills

I am a switchboard operator, worked for both ADT Security and the South African Revenue Service. I have roughly 17 years of experience behind me as a switchboard operator.

My primary duties were: Answering all incoming calls; Directing to internal extensions; Giving out numbers to other offices or staff members within these offices; Keeping up to date as far as possible with changes within the various departments, or the operating model, etc., anything that would determine who gets the calls we transfer. And where necessary I had to communicate with staff on E-mail.

Other duties included: serving on the Employee Equity (EE) committee as disability rights ambassador, as I too have a disability; sitting in on Health and Safety Committee meetings as above-mentioned capacity as Disability Rights Ambassador, to make sure every person with a disability has fair access to a safe working environment; Keeping maintenance records and making sure reports were presented on time for Monday Morning departmental meetings. I had to make sure the contractors came out regularly to maintain the fire equipment and make necessary repairs and note them in my weekly reports. I could not go and inspect the site continuously like my seeing counterparts could do, so had to rely on them to give me the necessary feedback. I also personally phoned the contractors and had them personally provide me feedback once work was completed so that I could make my notes and present them to my supervisor for the weekly meetings.

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