An Italian Retirement home with around 60 residents situated at 7 Marais Road in Essexwold is looking for a financial accountant to manage the accounts, pay creditors and process the payroll.


  • Matric
  • B.Comm or National Diploma
  • At least 3 years experience in an accounting position


  • Computer Literate – Sage
  • Advanced Excel and reporting
  • VIP

Additional Requirements:

  • Good Verbal Communication Skills
  • Attention to detail and highly accurate
  • Deadline driven and proactive


  • Salary: R20.000
  • 3 months on-the-job training

Key Objective:

To make sure that the accounting is done with accuracy and on time.

Key Standards:


  • Creditors correctly and timeously paid as per the payment terms agreed with the supplier
  • Creditors ledger balances to general ledger 100% every month
  • Queries are sorted out completely within 60 days max


  • Cashbook must balance daily with only valid reconciling items


  • All customer statements are completed and distributed by no later than the last day of the month


  • Payroll is processed, checked and reviewed by no later than the end of the month with zero queries by time payroll is paid out


  • Asset register is kept up to date and full asset verification is done twice a year

Management Accounts

  • The management accounts must be completed by the second Friday of the new month
  • No adjusting entries in prior months without prior approval by treasurer
  • Final year end TB must be complete and ready for audit no later than 60 days after year end date

Supplier Service

  • No supplier complaints due to dissatisfaction with service


  • Zero errors due to operator negligence

List of Critical Objectives:


To reconcile supplier invoices & statements against purchase orders, and delivery notes and prepare for payment so that the company creditors are correctly and timeously paid in accordance with entity policy  
Match all supplier invoices to Purchase Order and process in Sage ensuring that all invoices are correctly authorized as per the delegated schedule of authority. Process authorized adjustments as and when they occur.
Liaise with suppliers regarding payments, queries as and when required with no query being longer than 60 days from invoice date. Prepare EFT payments ready for release.  File documents by end of 2nd week of the new month. Highlight any abnormal issues to the GM and treasurer as and when they occur  

To process all the cashbook receipts and payments in order to have the cashbook balanced to the bank statement  
Process all cashbook receipts and payments in Sage on a daily basis so that it balances accurately daily with only true reconciling items. To monitor the bank balance to ensure we proactively manage the bank balance. Highlight any abnormal issues to the GM and treasurer as and when they occur.    

To produce accurate statements to ensure we producing quality information to our customers which includes the fees but also the incidental expenses
Process all entries needed to ensure customer statements are complete and accurate every month. This will include the monthly fees, etc. The statements must be sent out to the customers by the last day of each month. The statements must be reviewed before distributing to ensure they are accurate and complete. Reconcile the number of statements being distributed with the number of customers to ensure completeness. Reconcile the other charges to the slips made out for each of the other expenses. All queries must be resolved within a max of 5 days (when the query is made an initial communication must be sent out every time to acknowledge the query including a deadline how long the customer will need to wait for final resolution. Final resolution must be done formally and recorded). Highlight any abnormal issues to the GM and treasurer as and when they occur.

To ensure that staff are accurately and timeously paid every month
Process all info into VIP every month in order to ensure the payment to the staff is made by the last day of the month. Review the Masterfile information to ensure all information in VIP is up to date and accurate on a monthly basis. Review the overtime to ensure it is reasonable on a monthly basis. Reconcile the leave pay provision with leave records on a monthly basis ensuring provision is accurate. Highlight any abnormal issues to the GM and treasurer as and when they occur.  

To ensure all the assets are properly recorded and safeguarded
All assets are taken on Sage within the month of purchase with the correctly authorized documentsAll disposals are properly authorized and disposed of in the month of disposalA full physical asset audit is performed twice a year and reviewed with the GM so as to ensure the AFS reflect the true position for assetsThe depreciation is processed and defendable on a monthly basisThe categorization of assets is defendable
CO6Management Accounts

The monthly management accounts are prepared timeously, accurately and are reviewed
All entries relating to the month are processed in Sage timeously. The accounts fairly represent the month in question. The final trial balance is ready by 2nd Friday of the month. The year end trial balance is complete and ready for the auditors 60 days after year end date. All balance sheet accounts have a written reconciliation done every month which is duly signed and authorized by 3rd Friday of the month.

To perform general administrative duties, to ensure the smooth running of the finance department
    Office and surrounding area meets housekeeping standards.      

To maintain a safe and healthy working environment to ensure that accidents are kept to a minimum
Assist with the administration of safety programmes, as and when required.   Ensure good Housekeeping, on an ongoing basis, to maintain a neat and tidy working environment at all times.    Ensure compliance with OSH Act requirements; ongoing, to maintain a safe, clean and healthy working environment at all times.   Ensure familiarity with all emergency procedures and takes control of emergency situations if and when required.   

To Apply:

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