Technical Sales Assistant – Farm Italy Imports

We are looking for a young, motivated Italian/English speaker who is mechanically minded and a practical, problem solver. We want someone with a positive attitude. They would be assisting with sales, demos of machinery, logistics etc.  All these roles would be supported by us. There would be training and the person would grow into different roles depending on their strengths. There is also the opportunity for them to get involved in the farming side of things if they wish.

We are a small company, not in any way a corporate set up, and so someones character and personality fit is very important. The farm is quite isolated but extremely safe and, in my opinion, offers a wonderful lifestyle. The job includes accommodation on the farm with electrics, gas and water included. As well as a work vehicle.

Salary is negotiable but we would start somewhere between R15 000 – R22 000 depending on experience. This would be reassessed in 6 months.

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