An Italian Retirement home with around 60 residents situated at 7 Marais Road in Essexwold is looking for an enrolled nurse.



The Enrolled Nurse provides day-to-day assistance to the residents and monitors their vital signs. The Enrolled Nurse works within the multidisciplinary team to ensure the best treatment outcome for the residents of Casa Serena.


  1. Take daily handover report from night staff/day staff. Inform the staff in order to ensure proper care.
  2. Check if all staff members are on duty and report absentees to the Matron.
  3. At 07h00 administer medication that is due before breakfast. Inform Matron of abnormalities.
  4. Ensure that all residents are in time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Should a resident be absent, follow-up immediately.
  5. Supervise meals in the dining hall and ensure assistance to residents where needed.
  6. Administer medication as per prescription.
  7. Pre pack and administer medication as prescribed as correct times and sign medication charts.
  8. Ensure that the daily blood pressures are done.  Check the readings and report/act on abnormalities.
  9. Manage and co-ordinate residents who need to be seen by the Doctor.  Give feedback to the Matron and family.
  10. Manage and co-ordinate residents who need wound care.  Record wound care done, abnormalities and/or granulating wounds.
  11. Do regular resident rounds and provide physical and emotional care.
  12. Ensure pain management of the resident adhering to prescribed medication by Doctor.
  13. Assist with rehabilitation of the residents within the multidisciplinary team.
  14. Ensure that the care workers take the residents outside in the rose garden at 9h30 for tea, weather permitting.  Those that can walk.  Please ensure the Care Workers walk the residents.
  15. Ensure that a care worker is in the lounge from 14h00 to 16h00 daily to supervise residents while they are having tea.
  16. Reports to be written daily on each resident.
  17. New admissions:  Prepare for the new resident and on admission conduct the necessary assessment, vital signs and record.  Check prescriptions and ensure that it correlates with the medicine labels on the containers. If there are any discrepancies, investigate and/or report to Matron. Prepare the profile for Ackermans Pharmacy and send the medication.  If Vegan view pharmacy, send the script and medication for packing.
  18. All antibiotics or other medication that is not blister packed must be written on a medicine chart.
  19. All Schedule Drugs must be written in the Schedule Drug books and counter signed by a witness.
  20. All Schedule drugs must be locked in Schedule Drug cupboard. 
  21. Ensure that the oxygen concentrators for those residents who are on continuous oxygen therapy are in good working order, e.g.:  Check that the water level of the humidifier is adequate and that the filter is clean.
  22. Check Oxygen cylinders on Tuesdays and sign.  Report a low oxygen level and order for a refill. Remember to get an order number and order from Medical Emergencies.  Charge the resident for oxygen used.
  23. Check the BA book daily. Administer laxatives on the 3rd day the resident has not had a bowel action.  Record in report.
  24. Check emergency container daily.  Replace stock when necessary.
  25. Ensure the INR bloods are done and dosages are corrected.  New test date written on the board and file.
  26. Stock take of medical consumables to be done every Tuesday. Request stock to be ordered by Matron.
  27. Ensure regular pressure care rounds are done to prevent pressure sores. Ensure that the Care workers complete the back and pressure care chart and sign.
  28. Ensure all incidents are recorded and reported to Matron. Assess the resident after any incident.  Inform the family and Dr if necessary.  Take necessary precautions to prevent the same situation happening in the future.
  29. Ensure that the hospital escort Care Worker enters the medicine due dates and repeat medical assessments at the State Hospital are entered on the board.
  30. Ensure that all information, conditions, abnormalities, incidents are written on the resident’s report.  
  31. Work within the Scope of Practice of an Enrolled Nurse.
  32. Enrolled with the SANC annually.


Send your CV to sales@casaserena.co.za

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