The Italian chamber of trade and industries South Africa is hiring! We are looking for a dynamic, flexible, and motivated individual to join our team. The primary role will be event project manager, which entails organising events from small-scale networking events of 50 people, up to large scale expos and events up to 12000. 

Part of your role will be event conceptualisation, tracking, planning, budgeting, working with various service providers and vendors, managing social media for these events, and raising sponsorships and funds. 

Flexibility is essential as you will often be working out of office, as such access to own transport is also necessary. 

You will be remunerated according to your skill level and experience. 



  • Event planning- keeping track of many different elements and working together with various partners and agencies, in order to create a positive experience 
  • Project management- experience with project management principles and best practices will be useful. 
  • Vendor relationship management- you will be required to work with many different vendors leading up to various events, so skill with relationship management and negotiation are vital 
  • Logistics skills- this role will require significant logistics planning and management, as you will often be working flexibly and managing many moving parts. 
  • Budget management- overseeing financial elements of event planning an execution and ensuring the budget is maintained
  • Sponsorship raising as an NPO, we rely heavily on external support and sponsorships. Part of your role will be creating sponsorship brochures and presenting them to relevant parties. 
  • Social media- ability to use Social Media is key, as you will be posting, as well as designing social media content to promote events. 

Applicants can send their CV to desk@italcham.co.za

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