The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry South Africa hires! We are looking for a dynamic, flexible and motivated person to be included in our team. We are looking for a dynamic and motivated person who has extensive knowledge of social media and who knows English. Below are detailed skills and roles.


  • Extensive Knowledge of Social Media 
  • Graphic Design and Proficiency with Canva 
  • English Proficiency
  • Knowledge of Italian language and culture is a bonus
  • Ability to work towards deadlines


  • Attention to Detail
  • Young, Creative and Dynamic
  • Willing to learn and grow within a small organization

Marketing Roles & Responsibilities 

As Digital Marketer at Italcham roles and responsibilities are as follows: 

•    Updating and maintaining Italcham Website 

•    Updating and maintaining SMILE Website 

•    Updating and maintaining EU Chamber Website 

•    Creating and sharing ECCO Chamber 

•    Creating and maintaining Glue Up event sites 

•    Creating and sharing email campaigns 

•    Updating and maintaining Italcham Social Media o Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin 

•    Updating and maintaining EU Chamber Social Media o Twitter & Linkedin 

•    Creating promotional material for Chamber events 

•    Creating various pieces visual content

Applicants can send their CV to

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